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SL3 Unlock

We unlock Nokia SL3 Locked phones. Step by step procedure:
  1. You read IMEI and HASH using HTI, ATF, Cyclone, Fenix, etc..
  2. You input IMEI and HASH into our website.
  3. When cracking is done we automatically send you by email Master SP Code and NCK Codes
  4. You enter your code and unlock phone

Note: We don't care about your operator, because we don't buy unlock codes from them. Your code is found by brute force method.

Why choose our SL3 Unlock Server:

  • We can do up to 140 unlocks per day
  • We have fully automated system. You don't need to send us emails with logs and wait for reply. You pay using crypto and automatically recieve credits to your account. Then add your hash, monitor the cracking progress if you wish and receive email with the code when done.
  • Our system is available 24/7
  • We have very simple interface no need to learn
  • Very fast unlock for lowest price
  • Flexible solutions for resellers. If you want to resell our service to your customers, please contact us for details.
  • DHRU Compatible API Available

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